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ELITE-FIT is a group and individual based challenge workout.
We have opened a dedicated VENUE to house this new and exciting format, focusing to achieve individual fitness targets and personal lifestyle goals.


Please view this check list to see whether the style of ELITE-FIT is really for you...

  • You will be pushed to your personal fitness limits
  • You will be professionally coached to progress beyond your limit
  • Your mind set will be challenged
  • Your physical appearance will change
  • The inside of your body will become stronger and healthier
  • Your levels of fitness, stamina, strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and core stability will increase
  • ELITE-FIT is not easy, you will sweat, you will get out of breath, you WILL FEEL FANTASTIC!
  • If you don't like working hard - this is NOT for you!

Click here "MEET YOUR LOCALS" to view the format of these new workouts.


This is a free weekend where you can come down and try our Elite fit area by taking on one of our 4 challenges we have set up which can last between 5 and 30 minutes or just come down to take a look at our equipment and the style of training that we do.

Don't be put off by the word elite, our elite fit area has been designed by professionals to get the best out of you in the quickest time by using a combination of Kettle bells, tyres, box's, your own body weight, ropes and other non traditional ways to train.

NOTE: It isn't for someone who hasn't been exercising for a while but it is for anyone active who wants to change the way they train from the 'traditional' way of three sets of ten reps over and over again to 20 kettle bell swings followed by 30 seconds of box jumps then 40 meters of tyre flips (examples). The combinations are endless, we find what works for you, show you the correct form and we put together an exercise program for you or you can put your own together.      *We have 37 different routines for you up around the gym for you to try if you are stuck for inspiration, all names after LOCAL VILLAGES


7th & 8th June 2014

Challenge 1
1000m row
30 (45 degree) pull ups
30 full kettle bell swings 16kg men 8kg Women
3 rounds for time.
TIME = Estimated 19-25 mins

Dave 22:38

Challenge 2
100m lunges with 10kg (men) 5kg (women) plate above ur head
50 crunches
30 ball slams (8kg men - 4kg women)
TWO rounds for time
TIME = Est 8-10 mins

Dave 8 min 47
Oli 10:47
Cheryl 11:05
Vicky 11:08
Amy 11:17
Kelsey 11:58
Caroline 13:07
Lou 13:18
Phil 15:15
Felicity 15:20

Challenge 3
25 box jumps (21" men - 14" women)
40m tyre flips
25 squats (no weight)
THREE rounds for time
TIME = Estimated 9-12 mins 

Dave 6:55
Oli 8:05
Kelsey 9:27
Cheryl 9:59

Challenge 4
20 burpees
30 press ups
40 thrusters (1/4 body weight)
1 time round

TIME = Estimated time 5 mins

Dave 2:10
Oli 5:41



An example of 45 degree pull ups

Start point -

Arms directly below the rings

Legs extended out, balancing on heels

Shoulders not touching ground, only heels


45 Degree pull ups End point

Only Heels touching the ground

Legs fully extended

Pull up until Elbows are level with your rib cage for it to count


Kettle bells from 32kg down to 4kg



The Tyres


Tyres and our new Box Jumps



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