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Elite-Fit Workouts

Let us introduce you to...Your LOCALS...

The ELITE-FITworkouts are all named after each local village situated around Selby:

Barlby | Burn | Cliffe | Hemingbrough | Cawood | Brayton | Brayton Barff | Thorpe Willoughby | Osgodby | Riccall South | Riccall North | Kelfield | Wistow | Barlow | Gateforth | Hambleton | Monk Fryston | Camblesforth | North Duffield | South Duffield | Stillingfleet | Drax | Eggborough | Bubwith |

Each Local has a specific movement, technique and unique training element such as speed, strength, endurance, stamina, power etc... Each local requires you to perform 3 increments of level intensity, starting with the introduction level then developing to progression level 2 and then to the final progression level 3.Everyone must complete a competence induction for each exercise utilised in ELITE-FIT, from then on you can challenge yourself, other team members or the staff to earn your place, respect and prizes along the way.

Below are a few examples of your Local's


PII - Progression 2

Row 200 metres

Monkey bar walk 1 length

Deadlift (82kg)

20 metre sled push with 20kg on



Introduction Level

15 Tyre Flips with 1 Burpee after each flip

75 Skips

30 Double arm Kettlebell swigs 16kg

X 3 Rounds for time


Introduction Level

50 Jump Touches

30 Ball Slams 6kg

40 reps of 45 degree pull ups

20 High Box Step ups using 6kg kettlebell

1 Sledge push 10kg added weight

1 X round for time


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